The school follows the C.B.S.E. Curriculum as prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training.


The Kindergarten wing of the school comprises of classes L.K.G. and U.K.G. which caters to the needs and demands of early childhood learning. Bearing in mind that the foundation of a child's personality is laid and two third of his intellect is formed at this age, we have created an environment and a system of teaching which is entirely child friendly. It is here that they learn social skills, independent play, develop verbal ability and imbibe the skills and joy of making and creating things with their own hands through art and crafts which is an integral part of the curriculum. Formal learning of the three R's is introduced in Nursery. It finds a more prominent place in the Preparatory curriculum which includes recognition, reading and writing of English, Hindi and Tamil alphabets and short words. They also learn basic arithmetical concepts.

The children are introduced to MI‐Kids ‐ English language learning programme, which has gained international acceptance by educationists world over. The phonic skill imparted through this programme, helps the child to rapidly transform into independent confident reader who can understand, spell and read correctly. It also helps the children to achieve mastery over the English language. The children learn to recite rhymes and narrate short stories in all three languages. They are nurtured to imbibe moral values, good manners and acceptable behaviour through demonstrations, stories and classroom activities.

The students will be introduced to a method of learning that will take place primarily through experience rather than rote learning. Wherever possible children will have opportunities to actually experience and 'apply' information and knowledge. We believe that for children to learn effectively, the content of the curriculum, as well as its delivery, is of paramount importance. Our curriculum calls attention to 'handson' learning experience. The 'hands‐on' experience, we believe, results in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking. The primary focus is on the processes that children will undergo in experiencing an activity.

MI ‐ Kids English language learning programme is extended to class I. The phonic skill is imparted through this programme.

Special emphasis will be laid on creating an environment for self‐learning. The curriculum incorporates the child centered principles but also includes new content and embraces new approaches and methodologies. It is learner‐centered. It heightens the importance of literacy, numeric, and language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in science and technology, social, personal and health education.


The children at primary level are involved in creative and innovative methods of learning. Moral values are incorporated into day‐to‐day curriculum. Teachers formulate their "Mission" for the academic year and accomplish the same focusing both on academics and wholesome personality of the children. There are various activities organized for the younger minds to develop their skills through Text books, Language Work books, Audio ‐ Visual Aids, dramatization, Peer Teaching and Learning, Classroom exhibits by students, group discussions, field trips, art and craft activities, talk show, Reading Key vocabulary, various intramural contests, Sports Activities etc., The Children are acquainted with math lab, language lab, computer lab etc, where in they observe and learn the concepts.


The children at Secondary Level are inculcated with Moral Values apart from gaining knowledge. The teaching methods in the classroom are interactive and aim at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills. Teachers find a variety of approaches that stimulate interest and motivation among the students. Group discussions and projects, educational trips and excursions, Audio ‐ visual Aids, seminars, expos, various club activities and cultural and sports events form an integral part of the education imparted in school. The application of the knowledge is our primary focus at Secondary Level which is achieved through the exposure to lateral thinking, logical reasoning, subject aptitude etc., The simple, innovative, effective and creative teaching methods are a testimony at providing the holistic approach which aims at developing the children into academically sound and socially well integrated individuals. The curriculum is a fusion of sports, dramatics, dance, music, computers, art and crafts and academics, all developed to create blend of activity based learning and development of mind and body. Above all, we seek to develop our children as socially and morally upright individuals.

Senior Secondary

The school offers the following streams at Senior Secondary level with English Core Elective as language under Part 1.

Group 1 : Maths, Physics, Chemistry, C.Sci. / Biology
Group 2 : Business Studies, Accountancy, Eco, Math / C.Sci.

Our focus is on preparing the out‐going students to face the challenges of the world confidently and to deal with the real life situations efficiently and solve the problems harmoniously. Besides developing the students ingrained with values, they are equipped with skills and knowledge to gain entry into reputed colleges of our country. They would be exposed to the plethora of opportunities available to them for their Higher Education.

We at National Model aim through moral and academic excellence, to produce promoters of social transformation imbued with the spirit of service to mankind.

The above mentioned approaches make the teaching and learning process lively, interesting and productive.

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